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Doctoral Program (PhD) in Management

Completion Requirements

The Doctoral Program is based on the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS). The minimum duration of the Program is six semesters (180 ECTS) for students who hold a relevant Masters level qualification or eight semesters (240 ECTS) for students who do not hold a relevant Masters degree. Doctoral students may enrol for a full-time or part-time mode of study.

The successful award of the PhD degree (240 ECTS) requires:

  1. Successful completion of Graduate Master’s level coursework.
  2. Successful completion of Doctoral level coursework for specialist modules related to the specific field of study.
  3. Passing of the PhD Qualifying Examination.
  4. Successful defense of the Doctoral Research Proposal.
  5. Participation in graduate level research seminars and conferences.
  6. Acceptance for publication of research papers in refereed international journals or conferences
  7. Successful defense of the Doctoral Dissertation.

Program Recognition / Accreditation

All Programs of Study offered by Frederick University have been evaluated by external academic committees and have been approved by the Evaluation Committee for Private Universities (ECPU) and, since November 2015, all the new University programs have been evaluated and accredited by the Cyprus Agency of Quality Assurance and Accreditation in Higher Education (CYQAA). All Programs of Study are recognised by the Cyprus Council of Recognition of Higher Education Qualifications (KY.S.A.T.S.). Frederick University’s degrees are also recognised by DOATAP (Hellenic NARIC – National Academic Recognition Information Centre) as equivalent to the corresponding degrees of Greek Higher Education Institutions.