Engineer Officer of the Watch (EOOW)

Program Structure

This intensive fast-track 13 months programme is designed for BSc graduates of any suitable engineering discipline. It is composed of the following training blocks:

4 months at the university facilities – lectures, laboratories and practical training in the following core areas:

  • Marine Engineering
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  • Naval Architecture and Ship Construction

3 months practical training ashore in the specialised workshops of the University, or in other workshops approved by the University as appropriate.

6 months practical training on-board a vessel assigned by Frederick University, or selected by the trainee.
Before joining a vessel (sea-going training) each prospective Engineer Officer is required to complete the STCW Basic Training, which is a group of 4 short courses:

  • personal survival;
  • fire prevention and fire-fighting;
  • elementary first aid; and
  • personal safety and social responsibilities.

These short courses are not offered by CyMarTA; however, the Academy can promote the trainees as a group to other Maritime Academies which offer these short courses.

Assessment Method: At the end of the University academic period the trainee will be examined by written examinations. Moreover, the trainee is also required to sit an oral examination, normally given by SDM examiners.  Relevant preparation for this oral exam will be given towards the end of the programme at the University.
At some point in time during the training period each trainee is required to attend the Engine Room Resource Management (ERM) [Operational level] short courses (4 days). This will be arranged by the University.