Research Areas & Teams

Research at Frederick University is mainly carried out in fields related to its Schools and its faculty. The University also encourages and supports the establishment of multidisciplinary research teams, research laboratories and research units with their independent administrative structure so as to promote more focused research work.

Further to the notable research and creative activity of individual faculty and researchers, especially in fields of applied sciences and art, below is a list of research teams and units operating at the University, categorized in Thematic Areas:

Applied Arts & Architecture

Information & Communication Technologies

Civil & Environmental Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Education & Culture

Health Sciences

Electrical Engineering

Social Sciences & Economics


Sustainable Development & Environment

Sustainable Development & Environment

  AIM - Advanced Infrastructure and Materials center
  Environmental Engineering and Systems (Water Resources & Wastewater Engineering)
  Nature Conservation Unit

SERG - Sustainable Energy Research Group

  Urban Planning and Development Unit