Program Profile

Qualification Awarded

MA in Counselling and Professional Guidance

Level Of Qualification

Master (2nd Cycle Degree)

Offered by

Department of Education

Mode of Study

Full Time or Part Time

 Our postgraduate program in Counselling and Guidance aims to develop competent professionals able to provide effective counselling and professional guidance services to students and youth. The programme equips students of various professional backgrounds with the necessary skills to cope with contemporary professional quests, social, behavioural and personal problems of students and young adults.

The framework of the programme provides a balanced combination of theoretical learning with the practical application of studied material and methodology through a 400 hour professional placement.  Practical experience either in (a) schools and the area of vocational and academic counselling or (b) in community and youth counselling and rehabilitation centres gives students the opportunity to specialize in their area of interest, and prepares them to provide for the educational, personal and social needs of young adults

The language of instruction is Greek.

Key Learning Outcomes

(1) The Masters in Counseling and Professional Guidance offers graduate education in school counseling and professional guidance to Bachelor's degree graduates from the departments of Pedagogy, Humanitarian, Social and other Sciences.

(2) The objective is the specialization in Counseling and Professional Guidance. The graduates of the Masters in Counseling and Guidance will

a. Help students and other individuals to develop the skills to choose their future profession, to integrate in the work market, to cope with problems related with their work.

b. Help student and youth to cope with social issues such as the abuse of illegal substances, criminality, antisocial behaviors, violence in the family and other.

c. Promote scientific knowledge related to Counseling and Professional Guidance by initiating research and presenting their findings in conferences and publications.

d. Plan, prepare and execute programs related to Counseling and Professional guidance and offer citizens their knowledge related services.

Occupational Profiles of the Graduates

Graduates will be enabled to seek employment either in the Public or in the Community or in the Private Sector.

In the Public sector they can be appointed as Student Counselors in High Schools offering services to students In the areas of family, social, personal and professional/career issues.

In the private sector the graduate will have the qualifications to be a Licensed Counselor / Career Advisor aiding students to make their career choices, to find the appropriate college / university for his interests and to fill out his/ her applications. In the community sector the graduate may be employed by community centers for Drug Abuse, Rehabilitation, and Integration.