MSc in Community Health Care

Program Profile

Qualification Awarded

MSc in Community Health Care

Level Of Qualification

Master of Science

Offered by

Department of Nursing

Mode of Study

Full Time or Part Time

The Master of Science in Community Health Care which offers two specialization options:

A. General Family Health Care
B. Wound Prevention and Care

aims at providing high quality education in community health care so that graduates of the programme will have the ability to offer excellent healthcare thus helping to prevent, preserve and promote the health of individuals, families, groups of people and the community. More specifically:
The specialization in General and Family Health Care helps the students gain advanced knowledge and dexterities for the preventive and therapeutic health care of the family and individuals of all ages.
The specialization in Wound Prevention and Care aims at offering students the specialized knowledge and dexterities able to use suitable methods which contribute to wound prevention and healing.

The language of instruction is Greek.

The Programme provides education and specialization to new scientists who will acquire the skills to:

  • Organize community health care plans
  • Evaluate health problems of individuals, families, groups of people and the community in general
  • Provide health care, aiming at disease prevention, health promotion and therapy
  • Promote research in community health care

 Key Learning Outcomes

With the completion of this Programme students are expected to:

  • Increase knowledge and skills on the basic principles of health and illness of the community.
  • Apply theory to the development, establishment and evaluation of interventions in Community Health Care
  • Develop programmes resulting in positive changes in the community
  • Design and apply strategies for community health promotion
  • Design and apply interventions for dealing with health related problems
  • Evaluate of individual, family and community needs regarding health
  • Provide a complete preventive and specialized therapeutic wound care.

Occupational Profiles of the Graduates

The Master of Science in Community Health Care successfully responds to the new challenges and rapid changes which take place in the field of health. The expected implementation of the Cyprus General Health Care System will lead to the growth of community health care and the need of the development of human resources specializing in community health care. Graduates can work as community health professionals in primary health care structures. This includes, community clinics, health centers, home nursing and elderly care facilities (eg. nursing homes). Also, graduates can work as industrial or occupational health professionals in major business units such as factories. Graduates can also work in schools. Graduates, specialised in trauma and according to their first degree, can be deployed in hospitals at surgical departments, departments of plastic surgery, burn units and emergency departments. Also in conjunction with their clinical experience graduates can be employed in health care or pharmaceutical companies as experts in wound and ostomy care (wound specialist, tissue viability nurse, stoma therapist) and as experts in their respective biotechnology products.