We provide you a number of services from advertising vacancies through to providing information and advice to organisations wishing to establish or strengthen their profile amongst Frederick University students, graduates and alumni:

  1. Post a job on our Job Online Database:
    Please complete the Job Vacancy form to advertise graduate and work experience vacancies (including summer internships, vacation work and volunteering)
  2. Post an internship on our Job Online Database:
    Please read the Frederick University Internship Guide for Employers and schedule a date with the Career Office in order to form your personalized internship scheme.
  3. On-campus recruiting and presentations:
    Schedule a date either to present your company and share your know-how with our students or to conduct interviews on campus for job or internship opportunities.
  4. Field Trips:
    Organised visits to your company in order for our students to familiarise with the real working environment, helping them to understand your company’s structure, activities and challenges.
  5. Career Day:
    Organised by the Career Office, this event features employers interested in hiring University students for summer internships and part-time jobs and University alumni for full time permanent employment.
  6. Offer Awards for excellent academic performance:
    For further information on the matter please contact the International and Public Relations Officer, Mrs Niki Menelaou (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)
  7. Develop research activity along with the Frederick University Research Centre (FRC) as well as with the Frederick University Liaison Office with the Industry