Career Counselling

The Career Office provides career counselling sessions to undergraduates, graduating and alumni. The office provides training & professional skills development seminars, lectures and workshops concerning CV preparation, cover letters, interview skills, job seeking techniques, presentation skills, networking techniques, employment skills awareness ect.
The Career Office assists students in forming their ‘ 4year personal career action plan’ throughout their studies and upon their graduation, by promoting the services and activities offered within the university and by producing job search and career planning tools, such as documents, tips and lists of useful resources.

4year career action plan

1st year:

  • exploration of values , aspirations , interests
  • acquisition of  basic academic knowledge
  • meetings with departments and faculty / academic advisors

2nd year:

  • specific information about internship opportunities in Cyprus and abroad ,
  • participation in the university community ( sports clubs , voluntary work etc )
  • participation in seminars / workshops organized by the Careers Office

3rd year:

  • CV preparation , cover and references letters
  • providing professional guidance
  • gain experience through internships in Cyprus and abroad
  • use of EU Grants with particular emphasis on those offering training (Erasmus , IAESTE etc )

4th year:

  • decision – making/ planning next step
  • scholarships to pursue studies
  • Networking with employers in Cyprus and abroad (“personal employment file”)
  • Employment and training graduate programs in Cyprus and abroad

The success of the 4year career action plan is ensured, because it is enriched by a set of services and activities within the University:

  • participation in student and sports clubs
  • voluntary action
  • participation in mobility funded programs
  • the Counseling Centre and the Student Advocate
  • the Liaison Office with the Business World University Frederick
  • introduction of  innovative modules

Access the Career Toolkit and start your career action plan here (coming soon)