Work Opportunities

Employers like to know they're taking on someone who has experience outside the education system.  While you'll pick up a great many very useful transferable skills from studying at Frederick University, practical experience learned in the workplace can only help your chances of getting your ideal graduate job.

Any kind of 'real world' work, short-term or long-term, before or after your degree, gives you some experience, and so can hobbies, interests, sports, volunteering and travelling.

For students:

Summer internships in Cyprus and abroad through the IAESTE and the Erasmus+ Program

Volunteering in Cyprus and abroad

Part-time jobs (during academic semester, during vacations)


For graduates:

Full time jobs in Cyprus and abroad

1st professional experience for recent graduates in the European market, through the Erasmus+ Program

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CV Database

The Career Office maintains a database of CVs of graduating students. These documents will be available to companies who wish to hire graduates and alumni of Frederick University.

Students and graduates wishing to include their CV in the Career Office database should send it to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.