Studies & Student Welfare Service

The Studies & Student Welfare Service is responsible for providing to students the necessary services that ensure academic procedures and documentation are followed and the appropriate student support is in place to maximize each student’s potential.

It includes six offices with three focusing on Studies and three on Student Welfare. A key office is Registrar’s Office, which is responsible for maintaining all student related information and report development including course registrations, grading, transcripts and certificates, and degrees. The Academic Units Support Office is responsible to coordinate administrative officers dedicated to academic units (Schools, Departments). The Distance Learning Unit Office is administering distance learning studies and overseeing all non-academic activities related to distance learning programs of study. It acts as a liaising point between students, academics and other administrative bodies. The Student Life and Sports Office is responsible for the general welfare of students and strives to ensure that the student population has a creative and enjoyable student experience. The Support and Counseling Office is responsible for providing students with appropriate support and counseling in order to best address issues and problems that may arise of academic, social, or psychological nature. Disability Services are also offered through the Counselling Centre. The Counselling Centre’s staff are responsible to determine eligibility and provide reasonable academic accommodations in line with the Education and Training of Children with Special Needs Law 1999 and subsequent Regulations and in accordance to the University’s Students with Disabilities Policy. The Careers Office provides advice and training to students on how to better prepare for a successful entrance to the job market and informs students on employment opportunities either as graduates or whilst studying.