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Juan Pablo Martinez, MAP UPC 2012 Barcelona

  Juan Pablo Martinez, MAP UPC 2012 Barcelona


Erasmus Life Long Learning Programme (4 ECTS)
LEMESOS, CYPRUS, July 22th – August 4th 2013

SUDESCO summer workshop will focus on critical issues relevant to the future of coastal areas,
their architecture and environmental design in the European Context.

SUDESCO summer workshop will take place in July 2013 in the Mediterranean city of Lemesos - Cyprus,
a linear conurbation that supports its tourist and industrial economy on its extended urban waterfront. The urban waterfront expansion (in both east and west directions) is beginning to increasingly threaten the city's network of open spaces, natural parks and natural resources at the city centre, the suburbs and beyond. In parallel, the city accommodates the largest harbor on the island, a piece of major national infrastructure and employment base. The retraction of the harbor to a new location generates (like in many European cities) large warehousing and coastal industrial areas underused and badly connected to the local infrastructure. These challenges currently confront costal zones all over
Europe, where applications differ according to the physical particularities, local planning practice, development pressures and cultural attitudes. The programme is designed as two week workshops where students will be working jointly on design issues and through studio project work. At the same time a series of lectures will provide additional information and continuous feedback relevant to each stage of the design development.


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