Combined 2nd Engineer and Chief Engineer Officer Programme

Why Trade and Shipping Education in Cyprus? Why at Frederick University?

There are numerous reasons why trade and shipping education at Frederick University bring exceptional opportunities to prospective students. Here are just some of those:

  • International trade offers a wealth of career opportunities at all levels of work experience. Whether you are just starting out, or looking to transfer your skills to a new field, studying international trade may be your path to an interesting and rewarding career. This is because the international trade arena:
    • Is dynamic and growing;
    • Spans a wide range of employing organisations and businesses;
    • Involves many specialised functions and business skills;
    • Exposes you to the people, businesses and cultures of the world.

  • Cyprus is one of the biggest ship management centres worldwide with a total of over 200 ship owning, ship management and ancillary shipping-related companies, which maintain premises in the country and undertake international operations from the island. Currently approximately 9,000 shore-based personnel are employed within the Cyprus maritime cluster.

  • It is estimated that approximately 5% of the world’s fleet and around 20% of global third-party shipmanagement activities are controlled from Cyprus. Among the shipmanagement companies established and operating from the Republic of Cyprus, 87% are controlled by Cypriot or EU interests. These companies employ almost 55,000 seafarers of whom 10 per cent are EU nationals.

  • According to the Central Bank of Cyprus, the industry contributes in total approximately over €1 billion euros each year to the economy, accounting for over 7% of GDP (including auxiliary services). The Shipping Industry along with the energy sector is expected to be the dynamic driving force towards further development and economic growth.
  • Cyprus has recently become very attractive to Greek shipowning and shipmanagement companies seeking to transfer operations in Cyprus. The share of revenue from Greece has increased over the past few years.

  • The geographical position at the crossroads of three continents, on the path of all major shipping routes with minimal deviation and its proximity to the Suez Canal has long promoted many aspects of shipping in Cyprus. The sector is already reaping the benefits of privatisation of the operations of the Limassol Port .Limassol has become a strong player in regional logistics and trans shipments.

  • The discovery of hydrocarbons in Cyprus’ EEZ as well as the wider Eastern Mediterranean region provides tremendous potential for positive developments in the shipping industry. The exploration of hydrocarbons and the development of offshore installations provide both the Cyprus economy and its shipping industry with emerging opportunities. Through its attractive shipping infrastructure, Cyprus is very well positioned to attract more quality tonnage and increasing numbers of first-rate shipping companies from around the world in the years to come.

  • These significant recent developments in the business and energy sectors in Cyprus and in the Eastern Mediterranean area make our Programmes of study especially relevant. The island is fast becoming a new European hub for import and re-export activities linking Europe with the East in ways previously unexplored. At the same time the energy sector in Cyprus is also developing rapidly. Graduates of our Programmes will be positioned favourably in the local and international labour market for the newly created employment opportunities.

  • Limassol is an ideal location for maritime studies due to its multipurpose port and successful maritime business community, allowing the student to gain first-hand experience of commercial marine operations.

  • Frederick University graduates in Maritime Studies are exempted with the maximum number of ICS, UK (Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers) exams.

  • The Department of Maritime Transport & Commerce collaborates with a number of local trading and shipping organisations in order to provide students with practical experience as well as excellent employment prospects.

  • More than 96% of our graduates are in full time employment

  • More than 70% within the Shipping Industry. Few shining examples are well on the way of impressive careers!