Department of Architecture

The Department of Architecture at Frederick University aims to offer the Cypriot society and the wider international context, graduates with the profile of a contemporary architect; an architect capable of managing all the new challenges of our times able to creatively address the new conditions and dynamics that characterise the contemporary production of the built environment.  An architect, that is sensitive to any form of local distinctiveness but is aware at the same time of the trends and dynamics that characterises the global setting.  One that can be effective in creative design and artistic synthesis, maintain technical skills and theoretical knowledge of associated disciplinary fields and practice applications relevant to the delivery of the built environment.  A modern creative person that has acquired the skill and passion for learning, in order to ensure his/hers continual professional development through critical thinking and the deployment of the best possible choices, and work towards the development of a personal architectural identity infused with sensitivities for the society, the place and the civilisation and with passion for the new, the special and the innovative.

The ambition of the Department is to continue to constitute in the immediate and long-term future a model environment of architectural education that will stand out and distinguish itself for the individuality of its academic choices in relation to teaching and learning practices as well as the parallel development of a considerable research body of work in the general field of Architecture.

The Department will operate based on the following educational principles:

  • solid learning outcomes;
  • teaching that is student-centric;
  • addressing the need for professional qualifications in a competitive practice context;
  • synergies between theory and practice;
  • promote the studio as the primary setting for the synthesis of architectural knowledge.