Frederick University
Living Lab

A pedagogical initiative based on a student-centred learning and teaching approach

Graduates today are faced with an uncertain and complex future. The way our students learn and are taught must also change to stay current and effective. We need to prepare our students not only with the appropriate knowledge but also with the necessary skills, values, and attitudes that will enable them to confront future challenges while actively and creatively contributing to human and planetary well-being and sustainable societies.

At Frederick University, we aim for the holistic development of our students through an education with an emphasis on the 3Hs.

• Education of the Head • Education of the Hands • Education of the Heart

We want our students to have the necessary knowledge (head) but at the same time, have the appropriate skills (hands) and care (heart) so that upon their graduation, they will be able to to face the turbulent future ahead but also more importantly they will have the desire to become agents of change.

FULL (Frederick University Living Lab) is a Frederick University pedagogical initiative that is based on a student-centred learning and teaching (SCLT) approach. It combines project-based, participatory and experiential learning through community connections and partnerships. It challenges students to use their disciplinary knowledge and skills and tackle real-world problems and issues through interdisciplinary approaches and activities. FULL projects are connected with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

We aim to offer all Frederick University students the chance to complete a FULL course during their studies. We look forward to creating a positive impact to business, government and society.