The Cyprus Marine Technology Academy (CY-MarTA), of Frederick University, is pleased to announce the approval by the Deputy Ministry of Shipping (DMS) of two very ambitious and innovative training programmes which will enable successful candidates to obtain their Engineering Officer of the Watch (EOOW), 2nd and Chief Engineer’s Certificates of Competency Licences Merchant Navy). These Licences are required by both National and International regulations for engineers to serve as sea-going Engineer Officers on ships, and is highly regarded as a qualification requirement to work shore-side in the management level of shipping companies.

Approvals have been given for the following two programmes:

The programmes are supported by the Department of Maritime Studies (Limassol) and the Department of Mechanical Engineering (Nicosia) of Frederick University and include training in specialised workshops, as well as on-board training on ships.

CY-MarTA has been certified as a training center by the Deputy Ministry of Shipping (DMS) and the Cyprus Certification Company (CCC), based on the International Standard ISO 9001:2015, concerning the development and implementation of a quality management system.