Erasmus Multilateral Programme

Frederick University was one of seven partners of ESPIEW “Entrepreneurial Spirit improving European Welfare”, a very successful Erasmus multilateral project. 

This project aimed to stimulate the entrepreneurial potentials of students studying Social Work and Health Care, through the creation of an educational module based on an interdisciplinary approach. Also, the University’s Nature Conservative Unit is involved in an LLP Research Network named Erasmus Jean Monnet. 

This program was the first department in the Cypriot academic system that started dealing with issues relating to nature conservation. The members and collaborating scientists of the Nature Conservative Unite have extensive experience on conservation biology and natural resources management. They were actively involved in several biodiversity conservation projects, including the Life Projects for the inventory, identification, evaluation and mapping of the habitat types and flora and fauna species in Greece and Cyprus. In addition, they have participated in several research projects on the conservation of the endemic, rare and threatened plants and animals of Cyprus and Greece.