Erasmus Intensive Programme

An Intensive Programme is a short-term program of study which brings students and teachers of HEI, together. The duration of the program can be from 10 continuous full days to 6 weeks of subject related work.

Frederick University is committed in improving the quality and increasing the volume of multilateral cooperation between HEI in Europe by actively participating in Intensive Programs.

In the past two years, the University has been actively involved in several Intensive Programs include the Civil Engineering Department (SUSCON) as a coordinating role and the Departments of Computer Science and Engineering – 2 IPs- (The Security Knowledge in ICT-Advanced Technologies and Secure Web Applications), Business Administration (Building a new business game embracing all entrepreneurship competences) and Applied Arts (The Intercultural Innovation Insight -3EYES) as a partner role.

Last but not least, the Architecture Department of Frederick University has been accepted by the European Union as a Coordinator of an IP program (SUDESCO) that will take place in Limassol, during summer 2013. 

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