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Deparment of Mechanical Engineering

The Department aims to provide excellent teaching and to create the environment for effective learning, both at undergraduate and postgraduate level, while improving the Country's competitive advantage through cutting edge engineering research activities as these apply to various economic sectors. Over the years the Department has built its research reputation at National, European and International levels and has created strong industrial links. Research activities can be identified along a wide range of fields, such as: engineering design, production planning and control, total quality management, supply chain management, PLC and microprocessors usage for automatic control, composite materials and their usage in engineering designs, micro and nanotechnology, mechatronics, energy management systems, rational usage of energy/renewable energy sources, buildings bioclimatic design, vehicle active and passive safety systems, vehicle electronic stability systems, environmental noise and transport 'smart' management systems.

The programmes of study are structured according to the scientific and professional needs of modern mechanical and automotive engineers. Our students systematically cultivate analytical and critical way of thinking, in order to be able to cope with diverse engineering problems. In addition, they are exposed to state of the art software and engineering practices. As a result, our graduates are able to continuously upgrade and cope with a constantly changing technological landscape. Currently, the Department offers two degrees at Bachelors' level and is about to introduce soon two degrees at Masters' level. Degrees in 'Mechanical Engineering' and 'Automotive Engineering' are offered at Bachelors' level, while degrees in 'Production Engineering and Management' and in 'Energy' will be offered at Masters' level.

Department of Computer Science and Engineering

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering is part of the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. It aims at providing hight quality education, at undegraduate level and to promote research in the general areas of Computer Science and Computer Engineering with an overall end objective of providing a service to the society.

The Department focuses on the development of academic programs of study that meet current and future demands set by the local and international environment in order to provide its graduates with the necessary knowledge and skills that equip them for a successful career. In addition, the research development objectives set are in accordance with the guidelines specified by national and European research foundations.

The mission of the Department is the provision of high quality education at all levels Bachelors and the advancement of basic and applied research in areas relevant to Computer Science, Computer Engineering. The Department, aims at offering the students the necessary tools to excel as professionals and at serving the society in general. This is achieved through the provision of programs of study that address both the current and future needs in the relevant fields and also through the development of research activities that take into account the goals set by the national research agency.

Department of Electrical Engineering

The Department aims to enable students to make immediate contribution to industry and take responsibility of the development, design, construction, application and operation of devices and systems. It, also, furnishes students with the necessary tools to proceed to advanced degrees. The main objectives are:

  • to provide an understanding of scientific concepts and engineering laws and develop abilities to interpret and evaluate engineering problems.
  • to provide a broad based education in electrical and electronic engineering together with the relevant mathematics and support subjects.
  • to reinforce understanding of theory through laboratory application of logic and electrical circuits, transmission and modulation theory, electrical machines and transformers, three phase distribution techniques, robotic systems, electronics and microprocessors.
  • to provide the necessary knowledge to students enabling them to carry out consultation services. to furnish students with knowledge on specialized subjects based on the area of interest of individual students concerned.

Department of Civil Engineering

The mission of the Department of Civil Engineering is to serve the local and international communities and the engineering and construction profession by providing high level educational and ethical training to future civil engineers, innovative research, lifelong educational opportunities and technical consulting.