Dr. Dimitra Sifaki-Pistola
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Dr. Dimitra Sifaki-Pistola

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Short CV
Dr. Sifaki-Pistolla D., is an epidemiology researcher specialised in cancer epidemiology, research methodology and public health. She is working in the School of Medicine, University of Crete, as an Epidemiologist and Public Health researcher, since 2011. She holds a PhD in epidemiology (11/2017) and an MPH degree in Public Health (PH) (specialization in epidemiology) from the School of Medicine, University of Crete (UoC). Her primary scientific field was on geography, since she graduated from the Faculty of Geography, University of the Aegean, in which she was specialized in Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and Biostatistics. During the last 7 years, she has been actively involved as a project manager and/or epidemiologist in several national and European (FP7, HORIZON2020, 3rd Health) funded projects focusing on respiratory diseases, cancer, environmental epidemiology, integrated care and holistic primary health care research on vulnerable population groups (e.g. refugees, rural and remote populations, multi-morbid patients). She is currently working on two projects; a) The population-based Cancer Registry of Crete (as coordinator and epidemiologist, developer of the digital GIS-based monitoring system), b) Diesel & Health project (as epidemiology-public health researcher). She has been teaching epidemiology courses in two master programs (one in the UoC –MPH on Public Health and Epidemiology- and one in the Department of Nursing, Technical Institution of Crete – MPH on Advance Medical Research). She has also contributed as an author in a wide range of proposals and scientific papers, and she have experience, of more than 5 years, in mentoring students in the master program of Public Health in the UoC. Furthermore, she has approximately 68 published articles [28 in PubMed] in peer-reviewed, indexed journals, two chapters and two books in epidemiology and public health, as an editor and author of two chapters per book [240 (h-index=10; i10-index=7)]. She has a long experience with several statistical software (i.e. GIS, Matlab, Stata, SPSS), qualitative and quantitative methodologies in health research, and theory-driven approaches for behavioural change and establishing public health policies and socio-ecological and environmental models; utilizing big-databases and modelling techniques. Research areas of special interest: 1) Public health 2) Environmental epidemiology 3) Respiratory diseases and cancer (focus on clinical research, longitudinal studies, feasibility and proof-of-concept studies, interventions, primary health care)
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