The general objective of the project is to address the controversy in teaching historical events in Cyprus regarding independence, the coup, and the invasion in 1974 that emphasize a single narrative and interpretation and to illustrate alternative approaches in 'teaching the conflict' and doing peace education by engaging a wide range of people’s narratives. Using the expertise and know-how of the expert researcher Professor Ayers, the aim is to collect, document, and create an oral history archive, and thus to preserve the narratives of people, in order to add depth and nuance to the historic record, challenge single narratives and interpretations, seek the truth through employing critical thinking and multiplicity of narratives and eventually contribute to the broader education of people within formal and informal education settings. Also, a culture of oral history research will be created by offering seminar series on oral history and by conducting work throughout Cyprus. This is part of the activity that the Frederick Research Center has undertook along with the Partners to contribute to the broader discussions locally and internationally for the (re)presentation of historical knowledge which is a major issue in political, social, and educational circles in Cyprus. The main aim of the research project is to transfer knowledge and experience to local institutions and researchers in doing oral history research.