1. To examine oral histories of people worldwide and other person-centered projects related to issues of truth and reconciliation.
2. To explicate the significance of conducting oral history research in the context of Cyprus and preserving the narratives of people.
3. To create a rich narrative archive of the stories of people in Cyprus regarding 1974 and the era before that.
4. To provide understanding for the period 1974, as seen through the eyes and the unique lenses of people, that shaped the Cyprus story.
5. To produce new, authentic and refined knowledge about the events of 1974 in Cyprus, as well as the events in 1960s.
6. To combat all stereotypical points of view related to the events of 1974 and before that.
7. To explore the authentication of human experience in this project and consider implications for other worldwide conflicts and truth and reconciliation efforts.
8. To discuss the many implications of oral history in teaching and service learning, community activism and social justice, and research methodology.
9. To make journal and book publications and conference announcements.
10. To develop materials to be used within formal and informal education settings and professional development materials for teachers.
11. To create a culture of oral history research and do such work throughout Cyprus, offering a seminar series on oral history.