MA / LLM in Maritime Law and Shipping Management

Program Profile

Qualification Awarded

MA / LLM in Maritime Law and Shipping Management

Level Of Qualification

Master (2nd Cycle Degree)

Offered by

Department of Maritime Studies

Mode of Study

Full Time or Part Time

In the constantly changing environment of world trade, international enterprises must rely on managers and advisors with diverse knowledge and expertise on both legal and business disciplines. Understanding the relationship between regulations, transportation and shipping business, plus economic growth and global trade is both demanding and complex.

Frederick University exclusively created an innovative Master’s Degree that is one of the very few offered internationally. The new “MA/LLM in Maritime Law and Shipping Business” combines the areas of both Law and Business and as a result offers the opportunity to modern managers and lawyers to acquire the advantages of this essential skill-set. Upon graduation, you will be able to advise, litigate, negotiate and ultimately master the legal complexities and business challenges of International Trade and Transport.

You are also offered the opportunity to focus on an elective group of your choice, and obtain a ‘concentration’ in one of three areas: 

  • Commercial Shipping and Trade Practices;
  • Financial Management;
  • Oil and Gas Management and Trading.

The Master’s Degree title (i.e., the "MA", or the "LLM") is awarded in accordance with the completion of the Dissertation on a topic relevant to the either business or law, respectively.


Key Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this Programme, you should be able to:

  • Advise, litigate and negotiate based on the rules of admiralty, international trade, and marine insurance, law of carriage of goods, corporate law and the relevant regulatory context;
  • Understand the aspects relating to international dispute resolution (conventional and alternative dispute resolution) and the requisites for cooperation and amicable dispute settlement;
  • Demonstrate a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the structures, processes and institutional practices of shipping and trade in the global marketplace;
  • Apply tools and techniques relevant to various aspects of the shipping business, along with broad business skills required in managerial roles within the maritime and associated industries;
  • Develop, implement and promote activities relevant to law, shipping business and international trade and critically assess the situations and phenomena of the industry;
  • Develop negotiation and communication skills, both oral and written;
  • Apply independent analysis, research and writing on both law and business;
  • Establish the appropriate knowledge and application of methods required to proceed to a research degree (MPhil, PhD etc.).

Career Opportunities

A wide range of career opportunities, in demanding and challenging posts is available to you because you will be positioned favourably in the international labour market for the newly created jobs. The diversity of the maritime and trade sectors (forming the “blue economy”) includes hundreds of companies, all of which recruit skilled and versatile professionals. This Programme is carefully designed to make you a competent professional, lawyer and manager and give you the skills to work at executive and managerial levels. Usually you may be employed in the following sectors:

  • Shipping (shipmanagement and shipowning)
  • Energy
  • International Business and Trade
  • Legal and Judicial
  • Banking, Finance and Insurance
  • Public and Government
  • Agencies with regulatory responsibilities
  • National and international organisations
  • Research and the academia

All these sectors need to draw upon the same pool of well-educated and skilful persons.

The Programme operates in the evenings in order to accommodate working students and is also offered via Distance Learning.