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ERASMUS+ for traineeship

The Erasmus+ for internship is designed to promote the activation of internships in enterprises offices or organizations in one of the 33 participating countries in Europe, 28 european member states, the countries of EFTA and EEA Liechtenstein, Norway, Iceland and candidate countries, Turkey and FYROM.

Recent graduates participating in the program have the opportunity to acquire skills and to put their knowledge into practise. They also acquire a better understanding of the social culture and of the economy of the host country while they enrich their CVs at the same time.

Recent graduates can work in a company, vocational schools, research centers, Universities and other organisations located in one of the Participating countries.

Embassies or any other European organisations are ineligible.

Students may go abroad from 2 to 12 months.

For further information:

Marianna Michael
Erasmus+ Coordinator, KA1
Frederick University

Program Participation:
In order to be eligible for participation in an internship abroad while being a recent graduate, students must declare their interest during the last year of their studies and their training must take place within one year upon their graduation.

Other opportunities:

Graduate work opportunities are becoming sharper and more targeted as Frederick university-leavers realise the importance of improving their employability.

Frederick University Career Office, rather than solely offering a list of work opportunities, it helps its graduates to develop their CVs, gain experience through internships and work placements and has links to professional development courses, summer schools, scholarships etc. Thereby fully equipping job seekers for the recruitment process that lies ahead.

These work opportunities may include graduate internships in reputable companies, traineeships in the European Commission, job shadowing, professional skills development workshops, graduate summer schools, scholarships, volunteering jobs, ‘’gap year opportunities’’ etc.

For further information and current opportunities:

Athina Skotara
Career Office
Frederick University

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