General English Course

The Summer University Quest programme offers intensive, summer English courses, tailored to accommodate the needs of international students, who want to improve their knowledge of English through class instruction, attendance and participation in the morning and a wide spectrum of extracurricular activities in their free time.

The Summer University Quest programme offers the following courses:

  1. General English Course (available for small groups of 5+ students, ages 13-17yrs). The course is open to students, professionals and young people with other life experiences; students preparing for university studies may also apply. Applicants are expected to have a basic knowledge of the English language.
  2. Robotics and Design + English (available to individual students and groups, ages 13-17yrs)

Language Requirements

Applicants are expected to have a minimum Elementary knowledge of the English language for the General English course.

Students who wish to participate in the Robotics and Design course need to have a minimum level of Pre-Intermediate English to effectively attend this course. No previous specialist language experience in engineering, robotics or design is required.

General English Course

The major attraction poles that make students from everywhere in the world decide to join our summer course, jointly organised with Frederick University, are the:

  • excellence and expertise of the academic staff involved,
  • superb location of Limassol, a worldwide trendy  tourist destination,
  • magnificent scenery of the countryside surrounding Limassol,
  • beautiful beaches and the vibrant seaside atmosphere,  and
  • warm hospitality of our  people

The combination of intense learning with the pleasures and benefits of being a student in a tourist environment, where English is one of the main language of communication offers a fabulous opportunity for the students to learn and practise the language in an enjoyable and relaxing way.

What will I learn?

The course objectives are:

  • increase fluency in writing, speaking, listening and reading
  • raise awareness of the language structures and vocabulary
  • comprehend and analyse oral and written language
  • express thoughts and ideas clearly and accurately
  • synthesize texts and ideas orally and in writing producing organized and clear work
  • prepare students for further academic study in courses taught in English
  • deliver practice in giving oral presentations
  • apply the taught material in various communicative activities based on real-life situations

Description of the course

An intensive study of the language which includes all major aspects of grammar, syntax, language usage and vocabulary, leading to development of students' writing and oral skills.  The syllabus of the course aims at the development of all listening, speaking, reading and writing skills and introduces teaching methods, activities and tools with which the acquisition of the language becomes an enjoyable learning journey, eliciting students’ interest and enthusiasm throughout the course.


  • Interactive communicative approach
  • Extensive use of the existing computer technology, Internet, social media and other audio-visual aids 
  • Communicative techniques such as class discussions, pair and group work, role play to elicit the maximum participation from students and achieve the best possible results.
  • Students are provided with experiences both inside and outside the classroom in order to make the learning environment as pleasant and invigorating as possible.
  • Learning is a continuous process during the course, including afternoon activities, field trips, mini projects, excursions as well as socializing with other foreign students.
  • Students are encouraged to use computers, tablets and smartphones, connecting with Internet, to chat and talk with native speakers of the language and practise and improve their knowledge through a variety of current and authentic reading materials.

Class sizes are small: (12-15 students) so that students will be able to have ample opportunity to learn and practise the language.

Place of teaching: Classroom/Computer lab, Frederick University, Limassol Campus

Dates:  Classes take place from Monday to Friday and courses run from 16-29 July 2017.

Price: The package price for 2 weeks is €1340. The package includes the following:

  • fees for the General English Course 
  • Accommodation- Hotel residences (2-3 persons per room)
  • 3 meals per day
  • Certificate of Attendance
  • Transportation to/from  university
  • Troodos mountains camping trip with more than 10 outdoor activities, such as hiking, archery, barbecue, rock climbing, slack line, abseiling, and paintball.
  • Excursion to Medieval castle of Colossi and Ancient Roman theater of Kourion.
  • Many other exciting afternoon/evening activities!!!!
  • Transfer to/from International airport

The price policy is as follows:

  • FULL PROGRAMME :  €1340
  • ONLY COURSE:  €375
  • 2 DAY MOUNTAIN CAMPING  €150 - available only to students of the course  (1 night/ 2 days, 3 meals per day,  set up camp site , hiking,  rock climbing,  abseiling,  slack line, archery,  visit waterfall,  paintball,  lazertag)

Extra charge

  • visit to water park
  • laundry

Check in: Ideally the participants should check in a day before their classes are scheduled to start and checkout the day after their classes finish.


Students who decide to continue their studies and register for one of Frederick university’s  Bachelor or Master degrees will have the cost of the Summer University Quest course  deducted from their fees hence the Summer course  will be absolutely free for them.

Extra Days

Ideally the participants should check in on Sunday and check out on Saturday. However, if an extra day or two is required, it can be arranged at an extra cost of 60 euro per day!


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