Erasmus Policy Statement

Expected impact of the program on the modernisation of the University


Expected impact of the program on the modernisation of the University

Participation to the Erasmus Programme is expected to have considerable contribution to Frederick University on all five priorities of the Higher Education Modernization Agenda.

Firstly, it is expected that participation, through enabling student mobility, will result in increased attraction of students and increased retention ratios. This is because providing the opportunity to students to conduct part of their studies to another EU country will increase the attractiveness of programs and will act as an additional incentive to engage and remain within higher education.

The impact in quality improvement is also expected to be substantial. Through faculty mobility and participation in IP programs, faculty members will gain invaluable experiences through exposure to students and educational systems of other member states. This experience, as well as the interaction with colleagues from other Universities will invariably improve teaching and research. Furthermore, with student mobility programs and mobility for placement, our students will greatly improve their core competences and contribute in high-skill occupations. Additionally, through programs where collaborating Universities develop new programs of study, especially those involving the use of ICT, such as eLearning, it is expected that the University will further advance in the use, adoption and provision of such technologies within its operations, thus providing the society access to further forms of learning.

Given that Cyprus is a small island, by providing students with opportunities to study or train abroad additional skills will be gained and participation will encourage cross-border cooperation between individuals as well as educational organisations, thus boosting education performance. The recent acquisition of the ECTS Label by Frederick University further promotes this goal as it makes it even easier to transfer credits gained in European educational institutions.

Frederick University fully understands the importance of strengthening the links between education, research and business as this triangle is key to innovation and overall advancement of society. Participation in the Programme further strengthens the University efforts towards the above goal. The use of Preparatory Visits as well as faculty mobility will allow for stronger ties between academics on research and education and will also enhance relationships with the industry and business world in Europe, assisting higher education and business cooperation. Also, through participation in IP programmes, stronger ties will emerge between academics and, most importantly, students at senior level from different countries who can then be expected to utilize the strengths of their varying backgrounds and engage in innovation and entrepreneurship.

Finally, increasing through participation the University’s involvement in funded projects is expected to improve the governance system of such projects and increase effectiveness.

Expected impact of the program on the modernisation of the University

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