Mode of Delivery of Distance Learning Programs

Distance Learning programs at Frederick University do not require physical presence, with the exception of final examinations. This means that you can study from your place of preference at the time of day and pace that you consider most suitable for you!

Delivery of material is given via electronic means, and specifically, the Learning Management Platform (LMS). The LMS tool is central to your studies and you will be given appropriate assistance and support to ensure that you use it effectively. Access credentials to the LMS are provided to you upon registration to the university. Note that your credentials (username and password) apply to all electronic systems offered by the university.  Through the LMS you will:

  • gain access to the various directed learning material, such as presentations, video recordings, tele-lectures, readings,
  • be informed of and manage your assessment requirements, the deadlines and submission mechanisms,
  • be provided with communication mechanisms, both synchronous and asynchronous, with your instructors, as well as fellow students.

More details are given below regarding the Pedagogical Framework which the distance learning is based on at Frederick University, as well as learning and assessment methods in the platform, used technological tools, and other useful and important information.