Student Support

At Frederick University, we care about you, therefore, we seek to support your academic path as much as possible, through various actions, making your journey to knowledge more enjoyable.

Week 0: preparation & induction week

Week 0 is the preparation and induction week for your needs as a distance learning student. During this week, you will need to sign in to the LMS e-learning platform and study the introductory course “DL Induction Course” for newcomer students, as well as the informative course “DL Students Portal”.

In addition, you may participate in activities/ seminars of the induction program. Finally, during week 0 the first online meeting takes place with the Coordinator of the Program and / or with the instructor of each course.

DL Students Portal

In the Lms platform, a space has been created with the aim of familiarizing students with the tools and the use of the Lms platform through educational seminars, training students on how distance learning works, informing the students with the procedures and regulations governing the University, as well as providing access to announcements and updates concerning distance learning students. Students can ask questions they may have and that affect their studies.

DL Induction Course

During the induction week you will have the opportunity to watch videos and study useful guides that will enhance your familiarity with the technological tools of distance learning. At the end of this training course you will be able to take part in a self-assessment quiz.

POS Coordinator

The Program Coordinator has the overall responsibility for the academic operation of the program of study. In addition, he/she is the person who will support you and advise you on issues related to the program as well as any personal issues and/ or concerns that you may have and affect your studies, so as to support you where needed and to refer you to the appropriate support services of the University.

Induction program

As part of the induction program, during week 0 we organize various activities, aiming at your smooth integration into the distance learning programs as well as meeting the officers of the University. More information is given before the start of each semester.