Frequently Asked Questions

Procedural issues

What are the admission criteria for distance learning programs? Is specialized technological knowledge required in order to enrol in a distance learning program?

Each distance learning program defines its academic entrance criteria that are clearly specified in the program’s website. Additionally, since all distance learning programs are provided via e-learning, you will need to:

  • Have access to a computer supplied with speakers.
  • Have a high-speed access (2Mbps+) to the Internet.
  • Be computer literate and possess core computer competences, such as being able to use office applications (word processing, presentations, etc), manage files, and browse the Internet.
  • Access to a web camera to facilitate your communication and learning experience, though it is not deemed necessary.

When can I receive the access codes (username & password) to the University’s electronic services?

The access codes to the various University services are sent by text message (sms) to your personal mobile number after your registration to your Program of Study, and the validation of the Admission’s Form. Therefore, it is very important that we have your mobile phone registered correctly.

Where and how can I use the access codes?    

With your access codes you can access all electronic University services (email, e-learning portal, library, LMS etc.). Just follow the links to each service and use your access codes to enter.

What is the process for choosing and registering to courses?

After reviewing the structure of the courses, which you can access through the University's website and the e-learning portal, then in consultation with the Program Coordinator you choose the courses you want to enrol in for the semester. Enrolling in classes is an automated process. Upon completion of the registration, you must accept the courses through the extranet e-learning portal.

What is the period during which I can change to another class or drop a class?

According to the procedures of the University during the first two weeks from the beginning of week 1, you can apply for a change of course while during the first three weeks you can apply for withdrawal of the course, always in consultation with the Program Coordinator and DLU Officer. You can consult the academic calendar that is posted on the University’s website, the Lms online learning platform and this manual.

What happens if I want to withdraw from my studies?

In case you wish to withdraw from the university, you are required to complete and sign the Withdrawal Form and send it to a Distance Learning Unit officer. The Administration Service examines the request and decides on any pending fees / refunds. It is noted that you are not automatically exempted from the obligation to pay tuition fees for a course that you did not open on the electronic platform, and for which you did not submit a course withdrawal form within the specified deadline.

What the academic qualifications validation procedure?

The validation of your Academic Qualifications must be completed by the end of the first semester. In order to verify the authenticity of the academic qualifications with which you were accepted, all the documents must be certified from KEP, as well as submitting a Responsible Declaration of Law 105.

Will my degree title be equal to those obtained through conventional study?

All degrees awarded by Frederick University in distance learning programs are fully recognized and accredited. The distance learning degree titles have the same academic and professional privileges as the qualifications awarded through conventional studies. Distance learning programs are evaluated and certified by the Cyprus Agency of Quality Assurance and Accreditation in Higher Education (CYQAA) of the Republic of Cyprus. They are also recognized by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sport and Youth of the Republic of Cyprus, the Cyprus Council of Recognition of Higher Education Qualifications (KYSATS), as well as by the Hellenic National Academic Recognition Information Center (Hellenic NARIC) in Greece.

Can I take part in the Graduation ceremony? What should I do?

All graduates have the right to participate in the graduation ceremony that takes place once a year at the end of each academic year (end of June). The process requires completing an application (which is posted with the announcement of the graduation ceremony) on the University's website and sending it to the University with the corresponding fee.

Will I have to be physically present at the University during my studies?

Physical presence is not required during your studies. However, you have the possibility to arrange meetings with coordinators, instructors and administrative staff at the University. Nevertheless, there is a reliable range of communication infrastructure available in order to facilitate your remote communication with both academic and administrative staff via synchronous and asynchronous methods.


Ιt is important to note that each course has a final assessment which requires physical presence. During the semester, you will be made aware of the examination program as well as the examination centers. Only under extenuating circumstances, such as the Covid-19 pandemic, the final exams can be carried out online!

In case I need a certificate (of studies, examination, etc.) where should I ask for it?

In case you need any certificate follow the steps below:

  • Log in to extranet
  • In Student Services select Student Certificate Request
  • After selecting it, the certificate application appears
  • Select the application you want by selecting Certificate Type
  • Fill in the required information and click on request report

Academic issues

What is the role of the Programme Coordinator? 

The Program Coordinator coordinates the Program, accepts the students, welcomes them and informs them regarding the Program. In general, he/she supports and advises each student throughout the course of the studies. You can contact him/her for academic issues and issues that are related to your studies.

How is communication with the Instructor or Program Coordinator achieved?

You can contact the instructor, Program Coordinator via e-mail, the online learning platform (lms) and phone. Contact details are easily accessible on the online student portal (

Are teleconferences mandatory?

No, teleconferences are not mandatory but students are encouraged to attend real-time teleconferences if possible in order to find answers in their questions and/or get clarifications.

What happens if some difficulties arise or if I have questions during my studies? How can I get support from my instructors?

Students studying through distance learning enjoy all the advantages of students attending conventional programs of studies. Through the frequent teleconferences conducted by the instructors of each course, you will be given the opportunity to answer your questions, clarify definitions, ask further questions, etc. In addition, each course maintains at least one forum in which you will be able to post your own questions that may be shared by other fellow students and receive answers from both the instructor of the course and your fellow students. For other non-academic issues you can contact the distance learning unit.

What does Incomplete Grade "I" mean?

An Incomplete grade ‘I’ is given when a student justifiably, is unable to complete assigned work due to illness or any reasons beyond their control.  The "Incomplete grade" is given to you after communicating directly with the instructor.


How can I be informed about the exam program?

The program of the exam period is posted on the University website as well as on the electronic learning platform (LMS) at least one month prior to the final exams period.

How do I declare the testing centre of my choice?

The active examination centres for each examination period are posted on the University's website with the announcement of the final examination programme. The choice of the examination centre is obvious. Once you have been informed, through extranet, about your examination centre, you have the right to change it electronically via the extranet online attendance platform on dates specified by the Distance Unit.