Student disciplinary code

Each student is subject to disciplinary control. The disciplinary control is executed by the Disciplinary Committee which is appointed by the Senate. The relevant procedure is included in the Internal Regulations for Students of Frederick University

Offences and/or inappropriate behavior

Improper and/or inappropriate behavior which exposes and degrades the reputation of the institution, such as:

- awkward and improper behavior towards any member of the university community or member of the governing body of the University,

- plagiarism, criminal impersonation, attempted cheating or cheating, aid in cheating in written exams, infringement of copyright, deception, theft,

- the use of or possession of mobile phones or other electronic devices during the examinations,

- unjustified acts which lead to loss, damage or destruction of the University’s property,

- the threat of the use of violence,

- the use of violence,

- conviction of a court regarding criminal offenses,

- prevention of activities and in general the prevention of the university’s well operation, such as of teaching and research, the disruption of discipline, and other similar actions,

- prevention or impedance of the operation of the authorities’ duties or the bodies of the university,

- forgery or falsification of certificates, documents or the cooperation of the commitment of these delinquencies, and

- violation of Laws and Regulations as well as of the relevant decisions or/and directions of the governing bodies.

Disciplinary penalties

The disciplinary penalties and sanctions which are imposed, depending on the nature and importance of the offence, include

the following:

- oral reprimand,

- grading penalties regarding offenses related to examinations or projects,

- written reprimand,

- financial compensation for damage restoration or loss of assets,

- unpaid labour at the University premises,

- suspension of rights or privileges (scholarship cancellation, etc),

- expulsion for a period of up to two semesters,

- suspended expulsion of up to two years, and

- cancellation of University registration