Library Services

The fact that distance learning students have very limited opportunities to physically visit the University library poses a significant challenge in order to provide the required support to students. The University Library has undertaken the following steps to ensure that adequate service equivalent to conventional students is available

  1. Access to online academic resources. Access to academic publications is a key requirement for the support of high quality programs of study, especially at the postgraduate level. To this end, the Library has subscribed to a series of high quality academic publishers and academic data aggregators that provide access to all their academic journals and publications online. Distance learning students can access these publications in full-text after connecting with the Frederick University VPN network.
  2. Access to textbook material. Equally important to academic resources is access to textbooks and readings that are directly related with the taught matter. The purpose of the university is to provide students electronic access to such material through the system. To this end, the University has entered into agreement with one of the most esteemed publishers of academic textbooks (McGraw Hill). These ‘ad-hoc’ textbooks will be offered to students free of charge (the university undertakes the cost) and will be seamlessly integrated with the Learning Management System.

You can visit the Library Site here

For specialized searches or support in securing e-bibliography you can contact the e-mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For more information on available resources and remote access to the material, visit the library website: