Department of Mechanical Engineering

The Department aims to provide excellent teaching and to create the environment for effective learning, both at undergraduate and postgraduate level, while improving the Country's competitive advantage through cutting edge engineering research activities as these apply to various economic sectors. Over the years the Department has built its research reputation at National, European and International levels and has created strong industrial links. Research activities can be identified along a wide range of fields, such as: engineering design, production planning and control, total quality management, supply chain management, PLC and microprocessors usage for automatic control, composite materials and their usage in engineering designs, micro and nanotechnology, mechatronics, energy management systems, rational usage of energy/renewable energy sources, buildings bioclimatic design, vehicle active and passive safety systems, vehicle electronic stability systems, environmental noise and transport 'smart' management systems.

The programmes of study are structured according to the scientific and professional needs of modern mechanical and automotive engineers. Our students systematically cultivate analytical and critical way of thinking, in order to be able to cope with diverse engineering problems. In addition, they are exposed to state of the art software and engineering practices. As a result, our graduates are able to continuously upgrade and cope with a constantly changing technological landscape. The Department currently offers two degrees at Bachelors' level, one in Mechanical Engineering and the other in Automotive Engineering. In addition to the general Mechanical Engineering direction, the Department offers the option to Mechanical Engineering students to specialize in the area of Oil and Gas. The Department offers at Master level the course in Manufacturing and Welding Engineering Design.

Undergraduate Programs


Postgraduate Programs