Distance Learning Programs

Distance Learning Programs

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We have developed a modern, innovative educational framework to offer quality Distance Learning programs based on international standards. We currently deliver 14 fully recognized programs of study via Distance Learning covering a wide range of academic disciplines in the fields of Education, Health, Engineering, Informatics, Architecture, Business, Management and Maritime.

Department of Business Administration

As the business world develops rapidly with the aid of game-changing technologies, so is our University’s Department of Business Administration. The Department’s programs of study provide a strong foundation in business administration, marketing, accounting and finance – the four pillars on which a business is structured and seeks to succeed.

Our students are offered the necessary academic knowledge and practical skills to become the most valuable asset of a business. The Department provides an exciting and innovative learning environment for the students to acquire valuable skills to create and run a new business, evaluate business opportunities, analyze financial and other data, identify and solve operational and financial problems effectively. Thus, our graduates are in a position to make strategic decisions and efficiently address the challenges that come their way.

Department of Maritime Transport & Commerce

Maritime transport is the backbone of international trade and the global economy. Merchant shipping has developed rapidly over the last decades in Cyprus ranking the country amongst the main maritime powers of the world with the 11th largest fleet globally and the 3rd largest fleet in Europe. The Department of Maritime Transport & Commerce offers programs that aim to develop the fundamental knowledge and skills needed for a successful career in the trade and maritime sectors. We are proud to claim more than 96% employment of graduates in accordance with recent research studies while a wide range of opportunities, in demanding and challenging posts, is available to prospective graduates.

The Department has built a strong reputation within the shipping and trading community, being the first to offer a maritime academic program in Cyprus.

Department of Education

The Department of Education provides excellent and often non-traditional teaching strategies that enable students to become effective schoolteachers and researchers in an ever-evolving world. The Department offers innovative undergraduate and postgraduate programs of study which respond to current challenges in the fields of technology and robotics, the arts, sustainable development, physical education and special education. The Faculty consists of a diverse community of scholars committed to improving teaching and learning by investing on the development of their students’ curiosity, critical thinking and desire for change.

Department of Law

The Department of Law aims to provide students with a thorough and high-quality education, by integrating them into what the science of law is all about: A systematized body of knowledge that interprets the law in force in a given society as regulatory rules in people’s lives. Various teaching methods are carried out to introduce students to the fundamental and specific aspects of the science of law and art of advocacy. The detailed curriculum is based on the belief that the objectives of a Department of Law are not strictly limited to making lawyers capable of performing before a court, but also achieve the integration of graduates in all productive sectors of the economy and the promotion of the general role of the science of law in further developing a mature society. The Department’s faculty is comprised by distinguished academics and esteemed practitioners who instill a strong applied dimension to the Department.

Department of Architecture

The Department of Architecture educates future architects, providing them with knowledge and understanding of the built environment of the European and Mediterranean region. The Department aims to constitute a model environment of architectural education that will stand out and distinguish itself for the individuality of its academic and strategic choices in relation to teaching and learning practices as well as the parallel development of a considerable research body of work in the general field of Architecture.

Department of Civil Engineering

The Department of Civil Engineering provides high level education and training to future civil engineers, preparing them for employment in the private and public sectors and providing the academic background to fulfil the obligations of the profession in a highly diverse environment. The Department also provides innovative postgraduate programs and research, lifelong educational opportunities and technical consulting to the industry.

Department of Nursing

The Department of Nursing provides high quality education on health promotion, health risk reduction, disease prevention, management and rehabilitation. Nursing students are equipped with all the knowledge and skills needed to meet the challenges of their future position in the ever-changing field of healthcare. The Department also provides a strong foundation for the development of the clinical reasoning required for the practice of professional nursing and offers its graduates an extensive clinical experience in a variety of different settings in the public and private healthcare sector.

Department of Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering and Informatics

The Department of Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering and Informatics provides high quality education in undergraduate and postgraduate level. Its outstanding faculty is involved in state-of-the-art research and development, parts of which they bring into the classroom, whereas postgraduate students have the opportunity to participate in cutting-edge research along with the Department’s researchers. The Department focuses on the development of academic programs of study that meet current and future needs of the local and international environment in order to provide its graduates with the necessary knowledge and skills that equip them for a successful career.

Department of Life and Health Sciences

The new, innovative Department of Life and Health Sciences offers the successful Physical Education and Sports Science program, as well as a new undergraduate program in Physiotherapy, and a new postgraduate program in Sports, Exercise, and Health Sciences. 

The Department boasts well-equipped, specialized laboratories used for educational purposes, as well as research laboratories that serve the needs of research units focusing on kinesiology and physiology.