We strive for excellence in teaching and research

In an era of technological advances, and economic and social challenges, the School of Education and Social Sciences highlights and leverages its role in social cohesion, social prosperity, and cultural development. The School focuses on the advancement of science and knowledge through scientific research and is committed to providing high-quality teaching in education, social work, and psychology.

Our history and our graduates’ successes drive our future. At the same time, our School, being a dynamic organization, adapts to new circumstances. We develop new, innovative undergraduate and postgraduate programs of study in cutting-edge areas of today and tomorrow, adopting current practices and meeting high-quality standards.

The mission of the School is the production and dissemination of knowledge in Education Sciences and Social Sciences, the identification and investigation of social, psychological, and educational problems, the education of young people for assuming roles in specific productive sectors of our society, and the training and education of executives in specific fields.

The School consists of two departments, the Department of Education and the Department of Psychology and Social Work, offering five undergraduate programs and various conventional and distance learning postgraduate programs in the main areas of Education and Social Sciences. Special emphasis is given to the development of our undergraduate and postgraduate students’ research abilities through their participation in research programs and activities. The School offers two doctoral programs in Education and Social Work. A significant number of postgraduate students assume jobs at the University as researchers and teaching staff in laboratory courses, gaining valuable experience from their academic mentors, an asset for their future careers. Many of our students have continued their studies, while our graduates are employed in both the public and private sectors.

In an ever-changing social reality, the path that every young person follows is not an easy one. “The right path is uphill,” says Nikos Kazantzakis, thus each person is required to develop strategies, skills, and abilities to adjust and move forward. By striving for excellence in teaching and research, we provide our students with the necessary assets for a successful career.

Professor Rita Panaoura

Dean, School of Education and Social Sciences


>25000 pupils

participated in educational programs offered by the Department of Education


Forest School

Education students have the opportunity to implement forest pedagogy at the Forest School, the 1st school in Cyprus that adopts these principles


>500 educators

attended robotics workshops at the Frederick University Robotics Academy during the last 5 years


Work practice

to primary and elementary schools in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sport and Youth


Strong Volunteering Action

by the Department of Psychology and Social Work



in Social Work developed by an academic institution in Cyprus


50+ social institutions

from all over Cyprus are partners of the Social Work program


Pioneering program

in Physical Education and Sports Science in Limassol offering specializations in sports tourism, leisure tourism, and sports training

Department of Education

The Department of Education provides excellent and often non-traditional teaching strategies that enable students to become effective schoolteachers and researchers in an ever-evolving world. The Department offers innovative undergraduate and postgraduate programs of study which respond to current challenges in the fields of technology and robotics, the arts, sustainable development, physical education and special education. The Faculty consists of a diverse community of scholars committed to improving teaching and learning by investing on the development of their students’ curiosity, critical thinking and desire for change.

Department of Psychology and Social Sciences

The Department of Psychology and Social Sciences provides the tools necessary to enable students become scientists who will advance theory and create knowledge to address real-world problems. Through a number of targeted undergraduate and postgraduate programs of study, the Department offers the theoretical knowledge, practical experience and research opportunities to prepare competent and successful professionals in the fields of Psychology and Social Work.