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Physical presence is not required during your studies. However, you have the possibility to arrange meetings with coordinators, instructors and administrative staff at the University. Nevertheless, there is a reliable range of communication infrastructure available in order to facilitate your remote communication with both academic and administrative staff via synchronous and asynchronous methods.



All degrees awarded by Frederick University in distance learning programs are fully recognized and accredited. The distance learning degree titles have the same academic and professional privileges as the qualifications awarded through conventional studies. Distance learning programs are evaluated and certified by the Cyprus Agency of Quality Assurance and Accreditation in Higher Education (CYQAA) of the Republic of Cyprus. They are also recognized by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sport and Youth of the Republic of Cyprus, the Cyprus Council of Recognition of Higher Education Qualifications (KYSATS), as well as by the Hellenic National Academic Recognition Information Center (Hellenic NARIC) in Greece.

Definitely! The University is aware of the difficulties that may exist regarding the technological tools of distance education and for this very reason it has developed an introductory course (DLICS100) in the electronic platform in order to familiarize students with the technological tools. Furthermore, for the same purpose, a portal has also been developed, where procedures and regulations of the University are uploaded in detail. In addition, during week 0, training and familiarization workshops are organized in relation to the procedures and regulations of the University.
Students studying through distance learning receive all the advantages of students attending conventional programs of studies. Through the frequent teleconferences conducted by the instructors of each course, you will be given the opportunity to get answers to your questions, clarify definitions, ask further questions, etc. In addition, each course maintains at least one forum in which you will be able to post your own questions that may be shared by other fellow students and receive answers from both the instructor of the course and your fellow students. For other non-academic issues you can contact the Distance Learning Unit (DLU).

Each distance learning program defines its academic entrance criteria that are clearly specified in the program’s website. Additionally, since all distance learning programs are provided via e-learning, you will need to:

  1. Have access to a computer supplied with speakers.
  2. Have a high-speed access (2Mbps+) to the Internet.
  3. Be computer literate and possess core computer competences, such as being able to use office applications (word processing, presentations, etc), manage files, and browse the Internet.
  4. Have access to a web camera to facilitate your communication and learning experience, though it is not deemed necessary.

Distance learning programs at Frederick University are carefully designed so as to accommodate the needs of professionals that may not be available at all times or that have increased professional and personal commitments.

The continuous evaluation and assignments which you have to participate in and submit will have flexible deadlines in order to help you to easily find the time to carry them out. Furthermore, teleconferences and other conferences of synchronous communication are recorded and available during the semester, so you will be able to watch them at a later time in case you are unable to attend them.

Applications for distance learning programs can be submitted only electronically. Click here

In case you wish to withdraw from the program, you are required to complete and sign the Withdrawal Form and send it to a Distance Learning Unit officer. The Administration Service examines the request and decides on any pending fees / refunds. It is noted that you are not automatically exempted from the obligation to pay tuition fees for a course that you did not open on the electronic platform, and for which you did not submit a course withdrawal form within the specified deadline.

In order to keep you updated and informed, we constantly upgrade our material. All University procedures and regulations can be found in the handbook “Useful Information for Distance Learning Students”. In addition, we have developed courses/portals on the electronic student platform (induction course and students’ portal) through which students have access to videos, guides, glossaries etc that will facilitate their studies.

Frederick University’s tuition fees are calculated in proportion to the ECTS credits in which students are enrolled. A typical full-time semester corresponds to courses with a total load of 30 ECTS.

Fee typeFee (Euro)Notes

Tuition Fee

€___ / ECTS Tuition fees for the whole program
Application fee €35 Payable only once upon registration to the program
Semester Registration fee €100 Payable each semester the student registers
Graduation fee €55 Payable only once upon completing the program of studies
Students will bear additional charges in the following cases:
  1. Failure in a course: In case of failure in a course (final course score F) students have to repeat the course and final exams. In this case, the corresponding fees are charged.
  2. Second exam: Based on University regulations, in case of a course failure, you are entitled to attend a second exam only if you achieve a coursework grade of over 40% or an overall grade of 40-49%. There is a fee of €80 for each course that the student registers to sit as a second examination. If you successfully pass your course during the second examinations, then there are no other obligations. However, in case of failure in the second exams, you will be obliged to re-register in the course as described in the above procedure.

Frederick University provides facilities to students so that they will be able to have remote access to all electronic University resources, including electronic books and software. There are specialized guides provided to students explaining how they can access these facilities.

Frederick University utilizes up-to-date software tools to ensure that material submitted by students is not plagiarized, either by fellow students or other sources. For this reason, students have also access to the plagiarism software in which they submit their assignments. 

Frederick University operates a Counselling Center which is responsible, among other things, for advising students with learning difficulties or informing them of the facilities they are entitled to. Students who face learning difficulties must inform the Counseling Center directly in order to receive all the necessary information and facilities that they are entitled to.

Distance learning students are entitled to the same services as conventional students. Through the Erasmus+ Program, students can enrich their academic knowledge abroad by attending a semester or one academic year at a partner University, with a scholarship covering transportation and living expenses according to the destination. Furthermore, you have the chance to participate in placement mobility for work experience from two months to one year in an organization of your choice. Graduates have the possibility to participate in mobility up to one year after graduating. Please note that mobility cannot take place in your country of residence.

Through its Career Office, the University provides students and graduates with career counselling through personal meetings on practical educational and training matters (assistance in composing a curriculum vitae, advice on job hunting in Cyprus and abroad, interview skills, etc). In addition the Career Office is responsible for informing students and graduates about internships as well as scholarships for postgraduate studies both in Cyprus and abroad.