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Throughout the past decades, great leaps have been achieved in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). These advancements, coupled with the maturity of research in educational methods utilizing new and emerged technologies, have led to the establishment of a sound and comprehensive framework for supporting Distance Learning.

Being at the forefront of educational innovation and with a strategic focus on offering the best available educational service to our students, we seized the opportunity granted by the local regulatory authorities in June 2012 to introduce new programs of study using the Distance Learning (DL) mode of delivery. Since 2013 we have been successfully offering complete programs of study via Distance Learning (DL) and have developed a solid distance learning pedagogical framework, that is based on research evidence and contemporary theoretical and practical approaches to DL in higher education. We are proud to be among the few European Universities that received the E-xcellence Label for Associates in Quality; a recognition of the continuous process of improving our e-learning performance. The label was granted by the European Association of Distance Teaching Universities (EADTU), Europe’s leading institutional association in online, open and flexible learning.

We aim to continually expand the available programs of study, ensuring always the highest quality standards and service. We put great emphasis in providing quality education and continuous updating of processes. We are line with international practices (the E-xcellence framework and the Quality Matters standards), policies and research results as well as the guidelines and instructions by the national of the regulatory authority (C.Y.Q.A.A) and the European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ENQA).
We assign great emphasis to ensure students studying under Distance Learning enjoy an equivalent experience from their study, both in the academic as well as the social dimension, despite the fact that their study is conducted from home. To enable this, an efficient operational framework  has been implemented, supported by appropriate administrative services.

Our aim is to enable a large section of the population to engage in quality education of real value, which would otherwise be excluded.

Nikleia Eteokleous, Head of Distance Learning Committee


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