From application
to enrolment

At Frederick University, we consider candidates for admission on the basis of their academic qualifications, regardless of sex, race, national origin, colour or religion. We employ positive discrimination policies for underrepresented and vulnerable groups in order to increase opportunities for access to education. You can view our non-discriminatory admissions policy here.

We welcome applications for undergraduate, postgraduate, transfer admissions and readmissions.

Some departments have different entry requirements. Also, a good knowledge of the English language is required for all programs taught in English. Therefore, please refer to the specific entry requirements for your chosen Program of Study.

Please feel free to reach out to our admissions counsellors at any time during the application process. They are here to answer your questions and offer guidance throughout the entire admission process, from choosing the right program all the way through application and registration. They can also answer any general or specific questions about university rules and regulations, student services, accommodation, etc. You can also book an appointment and arrange an on-site visit to discuss with an admissions counsellor in person and have a first-hand experience of the Campus life.

Contact details:

Nicosia office: +357 22 394394
Limassol office: +357 22 394394
Athens office: +30 210 3311288