Financial Support for students

Frederick University awards scholarships based on academic merit or other criteria to selected home and international students at the beginning or during their studies. The scholarship scheme covers:

Entrance Scholarships
These are scholarships awarded to students who have obtained an "A" average on their high school leaving certificate. Eligible for entrance scholarships are students who enter Frederick University as freshmen (transfer students are excluded). Entrance scholarships apply only to the first year.

Continuing Student Scholarships
Undergraduate home and international students are automatically considered for scholarships on the basis of their previous semesters’ performance at the University.

Scholarships to Athletes
These are scholarships awarded to students distinguished in athletic performance and who participate in the sport teams of the University.

Financial Assistance (Family Plan)
The Tuition Fees Relief Scheme applies to families with several members studying at the University. Students from families with four children or more are automatically eligible for a reduction in fees.

Other Scholarships and Monetary Prizes
In an effort to strengthen its relation with industry and the workforce, the University has succeeded in developing cooperation with various organisations, which offer scholarships and financial awards to students according to academic, financial and other criteria. Furthermore various organisations offer financial support to graduate students according to their academic performance.

Government Subsidy
Cypriot students are allowed to apply for Government Subsidy paid by the Government to students at the end of the academic year. The subsidy ranges depending on the socio-economical status of the student.

Government measures to support students with Socio-Economical difficulties

Students with socio-economical problems are eligible to apply for government financial support. The support provided aims to cover needs including accommodation, meals, computer and book supplies.

Further information on the various Scholarship and Financial Assistance Schemes can be obtained from the Admissions Office.