Student Affairs Office

tudies and Student Welfare Service
Frederick University provides most of the student services through its Studies and Student Welfare Service. The aim of the Service is to contribute towards the development of an academic environment that promotes constructive learning, academic success and the socialisation of the University students.

The Service includes the following Offices:

  • Studies Office

The Studies Office is concerned with all matters relevant to the student studies. It is responsible to oversee the correct ongoing registration of students and implementation of all other academic procedures set by the University with respect to the student studies. The Office also provides students with the needed administrative information regarding their studies such as timetables, examination information, etc. The Studies Office is also responsible for issuing students with several certificates as well as official transcripts.

For any queries please contact the Studies Office.

  • Admissions Office

The role of attracting the student applications from applicants that fit the student profile set by the different Schools, the administration of placement tests and other entry requirements, the registration of students and their induction into Frederick University life is performed by the Admissions Office on each campus (Nicosia, Limassol). The Office organises every semester an induction week where students get familiarised with academic processes and are provided with a lot of valuable information regarding Frederick University life and life in higher education.

For any queries please contact the Admissions Office.

  • Career Office

Central to the goals of higher education is the acquisition of the necessary skills for a successful future career. The Service maintains a Careers Office that aims to support Frederick University students as well as graduates in finding either part-time jobs to support their studies or full-time jobs after their graduation. The office is in close link with the local market and maintains lists of job postings.

Important to the office success is the maintenance of the Frederick University alumni, a pool from which Frederick University graduates can get informed on jobs available.

The Office also provides counselling services regarding career opportunities and discussion on related concerns that students may have.

Furthermore, at the end of every semester, the Office organizes CV writing and interviewing techniques workshops.

For any queries please contact the Career’s Office.

  • International Students Office

At Frederick University, international students, in addition to access to all other services, can use the International Student Office that deals with issues often arising for international students, including the administration of the paperwork needed for the issuing of visas and other formal documents.

  • Student Ombudsman

The University also offers the Student Ombudsman service, an innovative scheme that allows for students to voice any complaints they may have with administrative or academic processes at Frederick University and ensure their speedy investigation.

  • Protection of Health Office

All students are eligible to free medical care by the national health services upon presentation of their student ID card. The University has a First Aid Centre, to deal with small incidents. Furthermore First aid stations are found in designated areas and services are offered by qualified medic first aid staff.

  • Counselling Center

Studying can be a very stressing and challenging experience. Therefore, Frederick University maintains a counselling service that is available to all Frederick University students. The service offers full time counselling at both campuses and deals with the social or psychological problems that students may face. The service operates with the maximum scrutiny and all information exchanged is fully confidential.

Any Frederick University student in need of counselling may contact the Counselling Center.

  • Housing and Accommodation Office

Frederick University students can use the Accommodation Office that offers support for finding off-campus accommodation. The University does not operate a Halls of Residence however; the Office maintains an up-to-date list of available lodgings in the nearby area which is provided to students.

For any information relevant to accommodation please contact the Accommodation Office.