Doctoral Program (PhD) in Management

Program Profile

Qualification Awarded

Doctoral Program (PhD) in Management

Level Of Qualification

PhD (3nd Cycle)

Language English

Mode of Study

Full Time or Part Time

Offered by

School of Business and Law

The PhD Program in Management provides a framework for state-of-the-art research in a wide-range of management disciplines. It is a research-based program that aims to produce high-level scientific research and to create graduates of international recognition capable of contributing to the advancement of academic knowledge. The Program offers research specialization in the main disciplines and related fields which are the focus of the School’s Departments. It aims to:

  1. Attract well-qualified students and give them the opportunity to carry out focused research under supervision and guidance in areas of mutual interest;
  2. Develop students’ knowledge, skills and expertise, to perform high quality theoretical and applied research in a wide variety of business-related and multi-disciplinary areas, such as, finance, economics, management, marketing, maritime, transport operations, logistics.


Key Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this program, students should be able to:

  1. Acquire an in-depth knowledge of the literature relevant to their focused research and demonstrate understanding of tools and techniques used in the specific field of study.
  2. Perform significant research showing originality in the application of knowledge and a practical understanding of how research is used to advance knowledge in a specific discipline(s).
  3. Critically analyse, assess and apply theories, research techniques, methodologies and knowledge to address fundamental questions in their area of study.
  4. Demonstrate independent, critical and creative thinking in formulating ideas and hypotheses, problem solving and planning and implementation of research.
  5. Develop oral and written communication skills that are needed to publish and present work in their own discipline.
  6. Enhance the abilities of independent learning and research design in a way that can contribute to continuous professional development.
  7. Produce work of publishable quality.

Your Future Career

The successful completion of the Program leads to the award of a PhD Degree. As a graduate of the Program, you will have acquired the knowledge and developed the skills necessary for a career as a researcher or academic, or for employment at a senior position in an industrial or business organization.