Research activities form one of the core pillars of operation as defined in the Charter of Frederick University. Consequently, the University strongly and actively supports the advancement of research and the generation of new knowledge through fostering exploration, innovation and novel application of knowledge at all levels and areas of the academic community, with emphasis on applied research and innovation activities. Through its research and innovation activities, the University seeks to contribute positively to scientific research, industry and society aiming to have significant impact in advancement of the local economy through innovative application of new knowledge developed at the University or through collaborations with other research organizations.

In alignment with the University growth strategy, the overall Research & Innovation Strategy is driven by the aim to promote and foster high value interdisciplinary research, by giving parity of esteem to discovery and scientific publications, expansion of collaborations and knowledge and technology transfer, resulting in positive societal impact. At Frederick University, we ensure academic freedom in research, freedom of expression and movement of ideas and at the same time maintain quality assurance in research involving the definition, detailed strategy principles and directives of the University. To fulfil the above, the University has established and operates the Research Committee of the Senate and the Research & Interconnection Service (RIS) to monitor and record the research activities and generally develop actions, rules and processes that contribute to the improvement of R&I activities by the University. The R&I activities fall under those funded externally through funding programs, those that run through limited internal or no funding at all, as well as technology transfer and innovation activities.

For further infomation regarding policies and regulations for research at Frederick University please visit the Research Service page. Details on specific research interests and activity can be found through the faculty member profiles.

Current projects

“Development of an E-learning Platform for know-how exchange in Marine and Maritime Education (E-Shipping)”.

Interreg, Department of Merchant Shipping (Lead partner) and the University of Aegean, Oct. 2014 – Jan. 2015.  The scope of this project was to develop a public E-learning platform offering 40 modules covering specialized maritime topics, available for industry professionals and students

ECOPORTIL - Environmental Protection of Areas Surrounding Ports
Interreg, Balkan – Mediterranean

Frederick Research Centre (FRC) and faculty from the Department of Maritime Transport & Commerce are involved in the ECOPORTIL Project which aims to improve the environmental quality of ports and their surrounding coastal environment by supporting their sustainability, through the implementation of modern methodologies and good practices according to EU and national legislation as well as through innovative tools and methods for the training and capacity building of stakeholders in the ports and nearby coastal zones as a prevention measure of pollution and preservation of natural maritime resources.

For additional information view project website here.