Capt. Eugen Adami
Special Teaching Staff

Capt. Eugen Adami

Maritime Transport and Commerce
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Short CV
Eugen Adami is a Lecturer at the Department of Maritime Studies of Frederick University teaching ship management. He is the Owner and MD of the Cyprus-based ship-owning company Mastermind Group. The group manages a fleet of 20 ships consisting of both fully owned vessels and third-party management modern multipurpose vessels. German-born Captain Adami began his nautical career studying at Elsfleth Nautical University. In addition to his successful merchant marine career, which saw him serve as Master of the Bremen-owned cargo ship Condor P, Captain Adami has a wealth of experience as master with tall ships, spanning more than 25 years. He has reactivated the SS Thor Heyerdahl and the SS Grossherzogin-Elizabeth (formerly the SS Ariadne) and sailed on both training tall ships as master. Today he still retains an association with both sail-training vessels. Captain Adami is the chairman of the Cyprus Foundation of Seas, the cluster organization of Cyprus for the blue economy. He is the Chairman of the Mission to Seafarers and is also a past president of the Cyprus Shipping Chamber, the trade association that comprises all the major shipowning, shipmanagement, chartering and shipping related companies based in the shipping industry of Cyprus. He is Director of various Cypriot Shipping and Ship-management companies
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