Mr. Paris El Said
Special Teaching Staff

Mr. Paris El Said

Arts and Communication
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Short CV
Paris is a filmmaker, a modern storyteller and a commercial director who passionately identifies his work to that of a watchmaker. Every detail counts and subtlety isn’t done to be noticed. As an artist he is impassioned by the creative process while his hard working and enthusiastic attitude, makes any challenge and its responsibilities, enjoyable. Originated from Cyprus, Paris honed his craft as a filmmaker at esteemed Universities in Cyprus and the UK, developing a strong and distinctive aesthetic. During his Bachelor’s degree in Film and Video Production and Master’s degree in Directing Digital Film and Television, he developed a unique cinematic style with a dynamic range from minimalist subjects to high energy visuals. Today, Paris can easily juggle highly complex technical work and still draw the best performance out of cast. His work is delightfully inventive and his writing skills often come in handy too. It is worth mentioning that Paris is a member of the Cyprus Director’s Guild, currently being the youngest director in the commercial industry and is also a faculty member of the Frederick University Cyprus, teaching the course of Commercial: Storyboarding & production. As a director who shoots and edits, Paris always strives to give his work heart, soul, and a sense of cinematic beauty regardless of the subject matter and budget. His interest in the arts combined with the craftsmanship of design has produced an inspiring body of work.
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