Dr. Antigoni Stylianou Parpunas
Collaborating Acad. Staff

Dr. Antigoni Stylianou Parpunas

DL - Education
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Short CV
Dr Antigoni Stylianou Parpounas has her background in teaching and special education with an experience in working with families of children with special needs, implementing inclusive approaches and assessment in special education. She attained her Bachelor degree in Primary Education at the University of Cyprus and then went to London for her MA degree in Inclusive Education. Topic of the Thesis was: “Why not listen to us too? To what extent should brothers and sisters of disabled children influence inclusion in Cyprus. Her PHD work at the Institute of Education of UCL, focuses on mothers with disabled children in Cyprus: experiences and support. She is a determined and highly motivated individual, with the willpower and patience to see things through. She is steadfast in challenging under-performance or poor behaviour, and she exercises good judgment, tolerance, impartially and fairness, and loyalty and respect at all times. With a history of many years of teaching experience either with the position of a teacher or of a Head Teacher, her ultimate priority is the betterment of children and to recognise that each child has a unique learning ability. She currently works as a Collaborative Staff in Special Education, at Frederick University. Her academic interests focus on the study of families with disabled children, assessment in special education and implementation of inclusion in mainstream schools.
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