Mr. Michel Christensen
Special Teaching Staff

Mr. Michel Christensen

Maritime Transport and Commerce
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Short CV
Michel Christensen is a Visiting Lecturer in the Department of Maritime Transport and Commerce of Frederick University, teaching Ship Management and Crew Management. He holds Masters in both Maritime Law (LL.M) and in Business Administration (MBA) with focus on Shipping and Logistics Management. He is currently pursuing PhD studies in Port Risk Management at Frederick University. Michel is the Manager of the Ports’ Regulatory Affairs Department of the Cyprus Ports Authority (CPA). He handles regulatory matters related to the smooth operation of Cyprus Ports especially Limassol, Zygi and Larnaka, particularly dealing with issues related to Health and Safety, Environmental Protection, Navigation, Towage, Security, Cargo Handling including Dangerous Cargoes. For the ten years prior to this appointment, he held senior and managerial positions in Crew Management for large shipping companies, participating in particular in quality control and development of specialised software for departmental processes and crewing operations. In the role of Employment Consultant and Staff Trainer, Michael collaborated with various consulting companies and conducted several training seminars approved by the Human Resources Development Authority. Michel’s current research focus is on the contribution of Port Authorities in Risk Management, especially in ports where Private Public Partnerships exist. His aim is to develop an effective Risk Management model for Port Authorities, based on the principles of synergy between the various stakeholders
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