Dr. Spyridon Bonatsos
Special Teaching Staff

Dr. Spyridon Bonatsos

Maritime Transport and Commerce
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Short CV
Spyros Bonatsos serves as Special Teaching Staff in the Department of Maritime Transport and Commerce at Frederick University, teaching logistics and Supply Chain Management. With a rich managerial background spanning diverse sectors, his expertise extends beyond academia to include pivotal leadership roles such as CEO, along with significant positions like Technical Manager, Logistics Manager, Supply Chain Manager, and Operations Manager, where he oversaw manufacturing operations. Additionally, his role as an International Business Manager and membership on multiple Boards of Directors have highlighted his significant international exposure and contributions. Dr. Bonatsos acquired his Ph.D. in Management Science, specializing in Theory of Constraints (TOC), from the University of Strasbourg. He holds a master’s degree in Engineering and Technology Management from Washington State University and has furthered his education with post-graduate certificates in TOC and Systems Engineering from the same university. Moreover, he is certified in the Logical Thinking Process by Bill Dettmer and has been a prominent speaker on TOC at numerous events, showcasing his depth of knowledge and commitment to the field.
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