Dr. Petros Christou
Associate Professor

Dr. Petros Christou

Civil Engineering
Head of Department of Civil Engineering
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Short CV
Associate Professor and Head of the Department of Civil Engineering at Frederick University. His research interests include the area of linear and nonlinear analysis of structures. Further, he is interested in the maintenance, the design and restoration of historic buildings. He teaches in under graduate and postgraduate programmes of studies in the School of Engineering and particularly in the Departments of Civil Engineering and Architecture. Dr. Christou is an editorial board member and a reviewer in scientific engineering journals. In addition, his academic experience includes his tenure at the Civil and Coastal Engineering Department of the University of Florida (US). Prior to academia he spent a number of years in the industry as Project Manager. He is the Design/Consultant Engineer for various projects including retrofitting and restoration projects. Dr Christou was a founding partner in “Savva – Christou and Partners Architects and Engineers”. He is registered as a Professional Engineer with the Technical Chamber of Cyprus (ETEK), a member of the Cyprus Association of Civil Engineers (CyACE) and he also holds the title “EurIng” awarded from the European Federation of the National Engineering Associations (FEANI). He is listed as an expert advisor by ETEK.
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