Cast your Nominations to the Michael Frederickou Excellence Awards 2022-23

Frederick University announces the start of the application process for the Michael Frederickou Excellence Awards  for the Academic Year 2022-23.

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For the third consecutive year, students can nominate and can be nominated for the Michael Frederickou Excellence Awards in three categories. The awards are given in memory of the Founder of the University, Michael Frederickou, and aim to recognize and honor the actions that promote his values: excellence in teaching, research and contribution to society as a whole. 

The Awards will be awarded during the Academic Excellence Awards Ceremony that will take place on Wednesday, June 28, 2023 at 19:00 in the Nicosia Municipality Theatre.

I. Students can nominate faculty members, fellow students and alumni in the following categories:

(a) Teaching Excellence Awards (for faculty members)
(b) Outstanding Student or Graduate (for current students or Frederick graduates).

II. Students (and graduates) can submit a self-nomination and/or be nominated in the following two categories:

(a) Sustainable Development Goals Actions Award
(b) Outstanding Student or Graduate (same as above)

Teaching Excellence Awards

 A series of awards will be granted to academic staff that have taught in the current academic year. The awards will be granted on specific criteria that reflect the University goals with particular emphasis on student-centered learning and innovation in higher education teaching.


Submissions should demonstrate how the nominee’s activities contribute to a substantial number of the dimensions below:
(a) is available to students; interacts effectively with students beyond the classroom (i.e. office hours, advising etc);
(b) is helpful to, supportive of and takes a personal interest in students; addresses individual student needs
(c) uses creative or innovative instructional techniques that promote the active participation of students;
(d) utilizes an interdisciplinary teaching approach and implements instructional activities that build connections between different fields of study / disciplines
(e) demonstrates their enthusiasm for their subject and delivers content in a way that motivates students;
(f) inspires confidence and supports students sense of purpose in relation to their studies and career aspirations;
(g) organizes and presents subject matter in ways that interest and stimulate students;
(h) inspires curiosity, creativity and a love of learning through their teaching;
(i) engages and inspires students in independent, critical and original thinking;
(k) creates an inclusive and supportive classroom environment for all students regardless of personal or ethnic characteristics;
(l) helps students connect and integrate with University and campus community.

Nomination Procedures and Deadlines

To nominate a faculty member for the Teaching Excellence Awards, the nomination must be supported by at least three students (one nomination form to be completed from all students). To nominate a faculty member, you must submit your nomination here by Thursday, May 25 2023.

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