Examination</br> Regulations


Examination Regulations

At the end of each semester, students need to take a final written exam for all courses that were registered during the semester, and have a final written exam as part of the assessment method. The instructor of each course, informs the students in advance of any material that can be used during the exams. The Final Exam Schedule is posted on the University website.

The final exams take place during the examination period that is announced by the Studies and Student Welfare Service (as shown in the Academic Calendar). Examinations may not be scheduled during the last week of classes, nor may an exam be given without prior notice.

The examination results are available to students on the website (extranet).

Students must fulfil all financial obligations before the commencement of the examination period.


In the case where a student believes that the grade received is different from what was expected, he/she may appeal against the grade by filing a petition with the Departmental Administrators. Nicosia: Office 31 and 32, Limassol: Office 12.

For a petition to be reviewed, a student must appeal within seven days from the date the results are announced.