Shaping the future of healthcare

Welcome to the School of Health Sciences at Frederick University, where innovation and excellence converge to shape the future of healthcare.

Our institution is dedicated to providing cutting-edge health education, conducting groundbreaking research, and delivering quality health services accessible to all.

At our School, we prioritize the development of high-quality programs of study that equip students with the skills and knowledge needed to tackle the complexities of modern healthcare. With a focus on both theoretical understanding and practical application, our students are empowered to address new challenges with confidence and integrity on both national and international levels.

Graduates of our programs emerge with the expertise necessary for disease prevention, diagnosis, care, and treatment, positioning them to thrive in various sectors, including private and public healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and health management. Our state-of-the-art laboratories and hands-on clinical training opportunities ensure that students receive a comprehensive education that prepares them for success in their chosen field.

Our esteemed Faculty, comprised of experienced scientists and academic experts in fields such as Nursing, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, and Health Management, are committed to guiding students on their educational journey. Through their mentorship, students continually enhance their knowledge, refine their skills, and cultivate the attitudes necessary for compassionate and effective patient care.

Whether you are embarking on your undergraduate journey or pursuing advanced studies at the postgraduate level, our School provides ample opportunities for research and personal growth.

We invite you to join us in our mission to serve our communities and make a difference in the world of healthcare. Your journey starts here, at the School of Health Sciences at Frederick University.

Professor Costas Kadis

Dean, School of Health Sciences


Pharmacy degree

recognized in Cyprus


1st place

in the international competition for ambulance crews in the last five competitions


Recognition of the Pharmacy Program

under the EU Directive on the Recognition of Professional qualifications (2005/36/EC). It allows all graduates to work and provide services in all member states of the European Union


Strong links

with the relevant industry and high employability rate following the implementation of the General Healthcare System (GeSY) in Cyprus


Practical experience

in hospitals, healthcare providers and the pharmaceutical industry


Member of

the European Association of Faculties of Pharmacy (ΕΑFP) and the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP)

Department of Nursing

The Department of Nursing provides high quality education on health promotion, health risk reduction, disease prevention, management and rehabilitation. Nursing students are equipped with all the knowledge and skills needed to meet the challenges of their future position in the ever-changing field of healthcare. The Department also provides a strong foundation for the development of the clinical reasoning required for the practice of professional nursing and offers its graduates an extensive clinical experience in a variety of different settings in the public and private healthcare sector.

Department of Pharmacy

The Department of Pharmacy responds to the challenges of the highly demanding field of pharmacy, enabling students to build the necessary skillset to become specialists in the various areas of pharmaceutical sciences and assume professional roles in pharmacies, hospitals, clinics, healthcare centers of the private and public sector or in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry. The department’s programs provide students with a strong academic background and practical training in state-of-the-art laboratories, while research projects within the department and between other departments and research units are strongly encouraged.

Department of Life and Health Sciences

The Department of Life and Health Sciences offers the newly accredited BSc in Physiotherapy and the renowned Program in Physical Education and Sport Sciences, enabling students to build the necessary skillset to become specialists in the various areas of Physiotherapy and Sports Science. Students benefit from comprehensive curricula, state-of-the-art facilities, and expert faculty. The Department focuses on equipping students with knowledge, skills, and practical experience to excel in healthcare, with a holistic approach. Graduates emerge as skilled professionals ready to make a positive impact in rehabilitation, physical education and research in both fields.