The Journey<br>To My Success

The Journey
To My Success

Vladimiros Tziortzis: "Success is fulfilling our childhood dreams and keep going"

Having a gymnast mother and a car mechanic and former rally / motocross driver father, my childhood found me in Go-Karts.

I remember when I was 5 years old, my father took me on a Saturday to see the drivers’ training at the old Go-Karts track in Dromolaxia / Larnaca. He told me to sit in a race car and tell him if I liked it and if I would like to get involved in this sport. I was head over heels οf course, if you think that since the age of one, we used to go and watch a rally.

When I first started Karting, from around 5 to 7 years old, my father used to put something like a tile on the accelerator and brake pedal so that I could reach it. He also put pillows on my seat so I could see over the steering wheel. Sometimes when that wasn't enough, I would see where I was going through the holes of the steering wheel.

welcome-imgMy father was the best coach all these years. As soon as I started, I remember us going to GSP stadium, where he created a small track just for me, in order to learn how to use the accelerator and brake pedals before moving onto a regular racetrack. These were beautiful experiences that will accompany me for the rest of my life.


This is what led me to success: hard work and faith that I will succeed!

My training hours were countless. One incident I recall was on a Saturday, when we went to a racetrack in Larnaka, early in the morning, and the racetrack was not open. We waited for it to open and after many hours of training, the manager called us to say that it was time to leave. It was twelve o'clock at night and we didn’t even realize it. 

Today I am a seven-times Cypriot champion and I represented Cyprus for four years in world Go-Karts races, achieving the 13th place out of 160 drivers. My most successful year was in 2012 when I started fourth in the finals but, after an accident, I finished 18th.

At the age of 15 I started Formula 3 tryouts and then took part in local championship races in Russia which is also my second home.

In 2016 and 2017 I took part in Formula 4 Northern Europe, achieving the best results in Moscow last August, where I reached the podium three times in a row, achieving two third places and one second place.


Even when -as a student- I struggled between workouts, competitions and studying, I did not give up. You either do it properly or you quit

In 2018 I had the opportunity to participate in the Formula Renault 2.0 Eurocup, with my best results in Hungaroring (Budapest,Hungary) and Barcelona (Catalunya Circuit), with the best life experience, my race weekend in the streets of Monaco on the same weekend as the Formula 1 Grand Prix.

By the end of 2019, while searching on the internet and planning my 2020 program, I came across a social media post of the Nascar Whelen Euro Series, that they are planning a recruiting testing day at Circuit Fontenay le Comte, France. I immediately submitted my CV and 10 days later I was informed that I was one of the 20 drivers from all over the world to be selected for that specific testing day in France. I got on the plane alone with the hope that I would be one of the 5 drivers that would be selected for scholarship for the 2020 season. The testing day started with a heavy rain and with a car that I hadn't driven before as I used to drive Formula 4 and Formula 3 cars. I only had 10 laps available (15 minutes) to learn how to drive the car, to show the best of my driving skills, under weather conditions that I was not used to, as in Cyprus the rainy days are very few. Ten laps were enough to reach my best lap time one lap before the end. Ten days later, I received an email from the organization that I was one of the 5 drivers selected! As a result, by the end of February 2020, I had the chance to sign with Alex Caffi Motorsports in EuroNASCAR 2 category (Junior) of the championship.


Then the pandemic broke out and the organization decided to start the season from Rome during mid-September (instead of starting at the beginning of April from the F1 track – Hockenheim, Germany), with 5 rounds/countries (instead of 7) filling the calendar. I managed to finish 4th in the championship standings (2nd Rookie) out of 33 drivers together with one second and one third place at Circuit Ricardo Tormo (Valencia, Spain) by the beginning of December 2020.

Based on my impressive results, I had the chance to sign with the Italian Team Academy Motorsports for 2021 but also for 2022. In 2021 we had 6 rounds/countries in the calendar, a year with much more improvement as I managed to go on the podium 5 times (3 second places and 3 third places) together with one pole position. As a result I managed to hold the 3rd place in the championship standings out of 32 drivers until the pre-finals in Belgium.

The finals were in Rome, a weekend when I was one of the contenders of the european championship tittle. We had a strong pace from the beginning of the weekend by starting the first race from the second place, but after a gearbox issue while being second, I only had in my disposal the first and second gear (out of four gears). I finished the race in 10th place. With one race remaining on Sunday, my main goal was to keep the 3rd place in the championship standings as the difference from the fourth drop down to one point only. In the Sunday race I started fifth and until the first corner I was already third. An unfortunate moment between the leader and second driver, cost me the chance to keep 3rd place. I retired from the race which dropped me down to 6th place in the championship standings, a result that was disappointing.

However, it was a much better year than 2020, with the 5 podiums and the pole position during the qualifying of the NASCAR GP Belgium. An offer came from Academy Motorsports by the end of the year. It was visible that they wanted me in their team for 2022 and so I renewed my contract with them.

The 2022 calendar includes 6 rounds/countries. The 3 rounds are already completed in Spain, UK and Italy while we still have 3 more rounds in the Czech Republic, Belgium and Croatia by the end of October. I already managed to win the first race in Valencia in mid-May and scored 3 podiums in the UK and Italy. As a result I’m once again one of the contenders of the European championship tittle and I’m ready to give my all, as the potential to become a European Champion is here.


What has kept me in this sport for years now, is the deep love I have for it, my perseverance but also the fact that I have dedicated almost my whole life to it. Even when -as a student- I struggled between workouts, competitions and studying, I did not give up. You either do it properly or you quit. My parents gave me the strength by raising me properly and giving me the discipline that is required. In addition, my parents work hard to meet the great financial needs of the sport Motorsport is not supported by any Sport Organization because it's not under the umbrella of the Olympic Games. With my parents' support, patience and understanding I have come this far. My parents are my most loyal friends as without their encourage I would not be able to reach my goals. They give me the strength to continue winning for them, they deserve it more than anyone else. What relaxes me is the simple everyday activities: a car ride in the mountains or the seaside and a walk in a park.

My efforts to get acquainted with the car and get as much experience as possible are important because there is no financial affordability to continue doing tryouts. Due to the lack of facilities and sponsors in Cyprus, I have to train abroad where the cost is six thousand euros per day and a driver needs to train for at least two days.

The future for every athlete is uncertain and especially in this sport. Unfortunately, you can be successful until the age of 40. That's why I decided that it would be best to study Business Administration at Frederick University.

After graduating from high school, I obtained a diploma in Automobile Engineering and set my next goal, which was to obtain a degree in Business Administration, so that I could acquire the knowledge to take over my father's business, who is an engineer. In addition, a degree in Management opens many doors for the future.

At Frederick University I was approached by Dr Antonis Lontos, from the Department of Mechanical Engineering and head of the Formula Student Team of the University. I joined the beautiful FUF Racing Team, and it was my pleasure to support it in terms of setting up the carand I hope they will have the support from possible sponsors to represent our island in the Student Formula as the possibility to have a very good result are already there.

This effort of Frederick University is important because it is the only university in Cyprus that participates in European student competitions together with universities abroad. Last year, the university took part in a competition in Italy, at the Varano track, where it had even secured a very good position. This is the second year the university participates in the competition.

Regarding the Business Administration program from which I graduated, it's important to mention a few professors such as Dr Petroula Mavrikiou and Dr Nasia Tzortzi, who have supported me since the beginning of the academic year. Their understanding while being abroad is greatly appreciated, as well as their contribution when I later had to cover the material and prepare for my exams.


I want to thank Frederick University for being so supportive on the academic part. The recognition and support offered was truly an honor.

Lastly, I would like to thank my supporters: Frederick University, Alco Filters, the Cyprus Ministry of Tourism, Televantos Used Trucks, Eneos Motor Oil lubricants, Sana Hiltonia and Daytona Raceway.

From the life I lead so far, I have definitely gained incredible experiences which at the same time have strengthened me as a person. I thank my parents who introduced me to sports and who gave me the strength to carry on all these years. Achieving your childhood dreams and goals is, for me, equal to success, especially when you keep going!


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