A colourful STEM Day at Frederick University for girls aged 9-12 years old

Frederick University invites girls aged 9 to 12 years old to the most colourful STEM Day on May 6 at the University's Main Building in Nicosia for a series of fun and interactive workshops in the fields of Architecture, Programming, Chemistry and Empowerment.

STEM Days are dedicated to the exciting world of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. After successfully organising STEM Day events at its campuses in both Nicosia and Limassol, Frederick University presents once again creative workshops and fun activities that will help girls become familiar with these sectors.

STEM Day will take place on Saturday, May 6, at Frederick University’s Main Building in Nicosia (Yianni Frederickou 7, Pallouriotissa). During the event, the girls will participate in workshops with the theme “Colours”.

Participants will be involved in designing a house using colours, programming a robot in the land of colours, seeing colours through the chemistry lens and building positive thoughts and feelings about themselves.

Members of the University’s academic, research and student community will present the following workshops:

- Architecture/Civil Engineering Workshop: I Design my House Using Colours

Blue beams, red windows, yellow bridges. Imagine your house, use the knowledge of architecture and civil engineering you will acquire at this workshop and build it! During this activity, you will gain knowledge about how civil engineering and architecture work together to build a solid house, full of light and colours!

- Robotics Workshop: A Robot in the Land of Colours

Are you ready to start your own exciting journey into the world of colours? In this workshop, you will program a robot on a colorful journey. In each colored road, the robot will react in a unique way. This is not done in some... magical way, but by adjusting the colour sensor!

- Colours Through the Chemistry Lens

Part A: "Become A Colour Analyst"

You will analyse colours with filter paper and separate the colours of different markers. Through this process, you will learn to separate mixtures of substances and also identify the substance if you have an unknown sample.

Part B: "Our Visible World Through Simple Reactions"

Through simple chemical reactions, you will create the basic colours (red, yellow, blue, white, blue, black) that make up our visible world.

Part C: "The Colourful Vase"

You will place coloured solutions of different densities in water and study their separability. You will then place small objects in the solution and study their density and the mixing of the colours.

- My Dearest Self

Hands-on activities that will help you develop and reinforce a positive self-image. The aim of the workshop is to appreciate and love your positive attributes and build positive thoughts and feelings about yourself.
Alongside the girls’ activities, parents can participate in a workshop presenting ways to mentally develop and strengthen their children's self-esteem. The workshop will be conducted by Dr Marios Theodorou, Lecturer at the Department of Psychology and Social Sciences. The workshop will be preceded by a presentation on the importance of tackling the underrepresentation of women in STEM fields, by the University's President of the Council, Ms Natassa Frederickou.

“Underrepresentation of women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics leads to the loss of talented human resources that could respond differently in the many challenges of our world. If women are excluded from the sectors with the highest growth, they will not have access to more and well-paid job positions that could offer them financial independence and employment prospects”, explains Ms Frederickou. Girls and women have an important role to play in these fields, due to their diverse perceptions, experiences, and ideas. Gender equality in Engineering, Technology and Science will contribute to achieving a fairer, and more sustainable world.

As a member of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN), Frederick University contributes to the goals of gender equality and elimination of gender stereotypes with its long-term campaign “To all women & girls: Join the journey in Engineering, Science and Technology”. Within this framework, it offers 50% scholarships to all girls who choose to study in any of the undergraduate programs of Frederick University’s School of Engineering. Additionally, the University organises events and interactive workshops with the participation of successful women in these sectors.


Saturday, May 6 at Frederick University, Nicosia

Arrival: 9:15-9:45

Activities: 10:00-13:20

To register:

Participation in STEM Day is free. Limited number of seats available on a first-come, first-served basis. Certificates of attendance will be given to all girls and parents who attend the workshops.

More information on STEM Day 2023: here

More information on Frederick University’s campaign:

Please note that a week-long STEM Camp will follow next July for girls aged 13-16 years old.

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